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Hot, Steamy, CT Real Estate Training…Ahhh Refreshing

With temperatures soaring into the triple digits in some parts of the state this week, CTMLS is offering a refreshing lineup of CT real estate training that you can take from the comfort of your own air conditioned office or home. You can even participate in this training in many of the cooling centers that have been set up around the state to help break the heat. Don’t let your brain fry in the heat, let it flourish with these two free training sessions from CTMLS. On Wednesday, July 17th at 10a join our trainer Lauren for the Realist 2: Your Virtual Town Hall webinar. During this informative, one-hour session Lauren will walk you through using the most powerful tool Continue Reading

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Do More Business On Your Tablet – Upcoming Training Dates

Over the last few months CTMLS has introduced a training class called “From Contact To Close” which details the process of going from the initial contact with a potential client all the way through the final signature of the closing all from your tablet. We have been teaching this class at various locations including the Apple Store at the Westfarms Mall. This class has been met with tremendous excitement from our members so we are expanding it to bring it to our local Service Centers and online as a webinar. Over the next couple of months we will be traveling around the state bringing you this class in person. Here is a list of our upcoming training dates for you Continue Reading

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Tonight Is The Night

Back in the day, circa 1995, a song came out that I could NEVER get out of my head. It was one of those songs that you would go to bed singing and wake up with it still stuck in your head, sometimes dreaming about it. It wasn’t a HUGE hit or anything, but it was just one of those songs that was like an earworm for weeks while it was out and every time I hear it I am transported back to when I was 16 years old driving around in my red hatchback listening to this on crummy speakers and thinking how amazingly cool I was (and when I say cool in this case I mean LAME.) This Continue Reading

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Top Ten FusionMLS Enhancements – #7 Multi-Search Function

Last week we spent some time detailing a whole host of the enhancements that are now available in FusionMLS in this brief video. However, I think it is helpful to go through a number of these enhancements in more detail. One of these many enhancements is the multi-search function. Multi-search function is just a fancy way of saying tabbed searching. Similarly to how you would use your web browser of choice, but opening a new search in a new tab so you can keep all of your web pages open at the same time, the multi-search function lets you do that right inside FusionMLS. Start your first search and when you’re ready for a new search just open a new Continue Reading

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Top Ten FusionMLS Enhancements #8 – Gallery View

Happy October 1st. Normally October 1st would be just another day, but today is the start of FusionMLS month. It’s been a long time coming and we are thrilled to start our training on FusionMLS in earnest, in fact as I write this right now our first set of training is off and running. There are many reasons to celebrate the coming of FusionMLS. In case you missed it we already covered a couple of them including the e-mail auto pre-fill and the new Details View – New Demographic Reports & Link To Client. We’re not even close to done. Today let’s talk about the brand spanking new Gallery View inside FusionMLS. No longer do you have to look at Continue Reading

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Top Ten FusionMLS Enhancements #9 E-mail Auto-Fill

With the impending release of FusionMLS, we thought we’d take a look at some of the enhancements that will make your life using the MLS a whole lot easier. These enhancements will lead to greater productivity and ease of use within the system that literally runs your business. Last Monday we reviewed one of the great enhancements that will help you flesh out your presentations to your clients from within the listing details page on FusionMLS. Today we’re going to look at a fairly simple addition to the FusionMLS suite of tools, but one that will undoubtedly make your life exponentially easier when working with your clients. Previously, if you were looking to associate a client with a particular listing Continue Reading

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FREE Webinar: Discover Fusion MLS This Afternoon

This afternoon, our trainer Lauren will be holding an informational webinar on the next generation of CTMLS, Fusion MLS. The session will run :45 minutes and will cover the basic functionality of the new system. > If you’re excited about the release of Fusion MLS, you should be. Not only is the system faster and more intuitive then MLXchange, it also functions natively on a Mac and all devices that you use in your daily life practicing Connecticut real estate. Not only that, you’ll be able to use it in the web browser of your choosing as well. The best part of it all is that you won’t have to worry about transitioning over all of your contacts and saved Continue Reading

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