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Get Scarrrrrry Good Using Fusion MLS

The ghouls and goblins will be out this week trying to scare the pants off of you and if you’re not careful it might just work. They will be talking about the new MLS system that CTMLS has introduced to our members and how it is going to lead to the phasing out of MLXchange at the start of 2014. There there, don’t be scared. We’ve got just the thing to combat these ghoulish story tellers, TRAINING. Training is the cure to all scary things in life. (Maybe not all, but some.) Don’t you think Buffy the Vampire Slayer went through some training? She slayed vampires and all you need to do is slay a few new features in the Continue Reading

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5 Quick Tutorials To Get The Most Out Of MLXchange

The secret is out, practicing Connecticut real estate is time consuming and requires great attention to detail. As a REALTOR┬« your time is your currency and it’s stretched pretty thin. That’s why we think it’s important to give you training in quick and easy bites so you can learn the MLXchange system without costing yourself any business. We have 50+ 1-2 minute long video tutorials that will help walk you through various aspects of your day to day use of MLXchange, but I picked out five of them that I think will be incredibly helpful. If you want to view more of them, they are all available on the CTMLS YouTube channel. Take a moment and review these brief tutorials Continue Reading

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