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Why Your Social Media Efforts Aren’t Working

I hear it all the time from Connecticut REALTORS┬«, “I would do social media, but I don’t think it works.” Truth be told, it probably doesn’t work. You probably post to Facebook a million times a day and no one ever responds. Maybe you spend your day buried in Twitter and get no retweets. YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, all the same story, nothing to show for your efforts. Then the question becomes, WHY. Why aren’t I getting people to like my page? Why aren’t people following me? Subscribing to me? Re-pinning me? The simple answer is, you’re trying too hard. There, I said it. It’s true, you’re trying too hard. Let me tell you a story about a Facebook page owner Continue Reading

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Internet Marketing: What To Share On Facebook

If you take my Internet Marketing 101 class, you’ll learn all about how to leverage Facebook for your business and what to share and what not to share on the social network. Truth be told, there is no silver bullet, no magic potion that will bring people in to your Facebook page and get them interacting with your business. It’s also not true (no matter how many social networking gurus tell you it is) that interactions equal business. Speaking of Facebook pages – want to like us? That being said, what interactions do lead to are likes and what likes lead to are more chances to turn people who have liked your page into clients, so interaction is still very Continue Reading

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