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YouTube Channel Temporarily Unavailable

Over the past few years here at CTMLS we have been able to amass a good library of short one-two minute long videos to help you navigate the MLS world. These videos have been hosted (as are billions of videos worldwide) on YouTube. Yesterday, accidentally, I deleted our YouTube channel and therefore our entire library of videos. Luckily the fine folks at Google are willing to work with us to get the channel restored. We are currently going through that process and should have it taken care of within the next week. Until then, here are some alternative ways to get the questions that you need answered, answered. Facebook: We have a very robust community on Facebook that is always Continue Reading

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10 Things You’ll Learn On Internet Marketing 102

Bright and early tomorrow morning, if you’ve had your first cup of coffee and have been able to wipe the sleep away from your eyes you’ll be among the select few who will find the key to unlocking CT real estate success online. That is, only if you sign up for our Internet Marketing 102 class which starts at 9a. The class, which runs an hour, will cover a whole host of topics, but the main thing to know is that at any one time there are nearly 5 million homes for sale on the web in the United States and you need to get some attention. This class will teach you how to get that attention. Here are the Continue Reading

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How To Train While Our Trainer Is On Vacation

Everyone needs a break so we let our trainer Lauren escape for a week of sun and fun while we’re left here twiddling our thumbs until she gets back, but the good news is there are resources available to you to get trained while she is basking on the beach. Don’t let your CT real estate business get left behind because you have to miss a week of training during the summer months. Instead, grab your laptop/tablet/phone and get started learning the tricks of the trade today. Then when Lauren gets back, you can teach her a thing or two :). Here are a few places to get some training over the next week: Our YouTube channel: With hundreds of Continue Reading

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The 7 Musts of Internet Marketing

Every day when you fire up the Interwebs and read about the latest trend in social media or web marketing you may become overwhelmed with how much it really takes to get your website noticed and in turn get more clients. It’s a stressful thing for me and that is my ONE job, Internet Marketing, I can only imagine how much stress it adds to your day. Then I got to thinking about it and realized that there are really only seven things that every good internet marketer does to get noticed and drive business online. They are not seven small things and they take a considerable amount of time to accomplish, but when done right they can be the Continue Reading

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Why Your Social Media Efforts Aren’t Working

I hear it all the time from Connecticut REALTORS┬«, “I would do social media, but I don’t think it works.” Truth be told, it probably doesn’t work. You probably post to Facebook a million times a day and no one ever responds. Maybe you spend your day buried in Twitter and get no retweets. YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, all the same story, nothing to show for your efforts. Then the question becomes, WHY. Why aren’t I getting people to like my page? Why aren’t people following me? Subscribing to me? Re-pinning me? The simple answer is, you’re trying too hard. There, I said it. It’s true, you’re trying too hard. Let me tell you a story about a Facebook page owner Continue Reading

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Internet Marketing: What To Share On Facebook

If you take my Internet Marketing 101 class, you’ll learn all about how to leverage Facebook for your business and what to share and what not to share on the social network. Truth be told, there is no silver bullet, no magic potion that will bring people in to your Facebook page and get them interacting with your business. It’s also not true (no matter how many social networking gurus tell you it is) that interactions equal business. Speaking of Facebook pages – want to like us? That being said, what interactions do lead to are likes and what likes lead to are more chances to turn people who have liked your page into clients, so interaction is still very Continue Reading

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Where Are Your YouTube Videos?

The spring weather was in full bloom this weekend and what a weekend it was filled with bright colorful flowers being planted, eggs being hunted, bunnies delivering goodies and train whistles blowing. It was fun for the whole family and a great weekend for spreading spring-time cheer. BUT…was it a missed opportunity? If you don’t have a YouTube video posted of the events in your town in certainly was. If you really want to have some success using the 2nd largest search engine online, YouTube, you need to be consistently adding new content to the site and optimizing that content for searches. How can you take advantage of weekends like this moving forward? Start by specifically identifying things happening in Continue Reading

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